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Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan (JIKA) aims to provide forum exchanges and interfaces between researchers and related practitioners in the field of health. The journal only accepts articles from original research results (top priorities), case study articles (not priorities), and scientific studies of recent articles (not preferences). JIKA is a scientific journal that contains research papers from the field of health sciences includes: Medical and clinical research, nutrition and public health research, obstetrics management research, and nursing management research. p-ISSN: 2337-9847, e-ISSN: 2686-2883, doi: 10.36590/jika

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Dec 27, 2020

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Vol. 2 No. 3 (2020): Volume 2 Nomor 3 Desember 2020

Volume 2 Nomor 3 Desember 2020

Published: Dec 31, 2020

Foot Strengthening Exercise on Postural Balance and Functional Ability of Foot on Children 6-10 Years Old with Flexible Flatfoot

99-107 Zahra Sativani, Riza Pahlawi
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Read Statistic: 162

Knowledge Have Correlation with Preventive Practice Covid-19 in College Students of Gorontalo

108-117 Firdausi Ramadhani, Nuryani
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Read Statistic: 176

Obesity and Central Obesity in Indonesian Urban Communities

118-127 Septiyanti, Seniwati
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Read Statistic: 90

Chronic Diarrhea in Children Under Five Years Old

128-134 Grahana Ade Candra Wolayan, I Gusti Made Reza Gunadi Ranuh, Budiono, Alpha Fardah Athiyyah
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Read Statistic: 93

Giving Watermelon Juice on the Reduction of Blood Pressure of Young Adult Hypertension

135-146 Nurjannah
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Read Statistic: 103

Evaluation of Iron Tablet Supplementation Program of Female Adolescent in East Jakarta

147-158 Mira Krisma Yudina, Adhila Fayasari
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Read Statistic: 114

Balanced Nutrition Counseling Intervention with Video Media on Changes in Nutrition Intake of Adolescent Girls

159-165 Icha Dian Nurcahyani
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Read Statistic: 81
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