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Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan (JIKA) aims to provide forum exchanges and interfaces between researchers and related practitioners in the field of health. The journal only accepts articles from original research results (top priorities), case study articles (not priorities), and scientific studies of recent articles (not preferences). JIKA is a scientific journal that contains research papers from the field of health sciences includes: Medical and clinical research, nutrition and public health research, obstetrics management research, and nursing management research. p-ISSN: 2337-9847, e-ISSN: 2686-2883, doi: 10.36590/jika

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Dec 27, 2020

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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2021): Volume 3, Nomor 1 April 2021

Volume 3 Nomor 1 April 2021

Published: Apr 30, 2021

Implementation of Hygiene and Environmental Sanitation in Under Five Years Old Diarrhea Patients at Surabaya Primary Health Center

166-180 Anindita Rehana, Rebekah Juniati Setiabudi, Sulistiawati, Manik Retno Wahyunitisari
Read Statistic: 33

Physical Activity Level and Resting Heart Rate

181-187 Paulus Parholong Siahaan, Bambang Purwanto, Raden Mohammad Budiarto, Irfiansyah Irwadi
Read Statistic: 8

Saturated Fat Intake with Blood Pressure in Elderly Women

188-192 Nida Amalia, A'immatul Fauziyah
Read Statistic: 8

Frequency of "Snacking", Consumption of Junk Food and Screen Time with the Incidence of Overweight in Students

193-199 M. Ikhsan Amar, Sulistyani Meita Dewi
Read Statistic: 8

Pandemic Impact of Covid 19 on Compliance of Mother for Pregnancy Reviews

200-207 Iin Octaviana Hutagaol, Arini, Cicik Mujianti
Read Statistic: 8

The Differences in The Effectiveness of Indonesian Bay Leaves and Cucumbers in Elderly with Hypertension

208-219 Hasliani Hasliani, Nerry Endah N
Read Statistic: 16
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